No Man's Sky takes the Fight across the galaxy in its latest trailer

Hello Games invited us to explore No Man’s Sky expansive galaxy last week in its first Guides to the Galaxy series. But today, it throws down its gauntlet to show us how we can take the fight to all comers in its latest video.

The latest trailer for No Man’s Sky shows how explorers can defend themselves, or be the aggressor if they choose, in either their space ship or on the surface of whatever planet they’re in the midst of exploring.

While you’re exploring one of the game’s 18 quintillion planets, you’ll be able to use a multi-tool to defend yourself against deadly predators while you mine for resources. Attacking anything on the surface, or in space, will call the attention of the Sentinels, which are a robotic force that work to keep each planet neutral.

Attacking creatures or traders will raise your Wanted level, which will result in the Sentinals forces becoming more aggressive and tougher to deal with. Sentinel forces will start off with flying drones and quadrupedal machines, but then can escalate to towering walkers and even dropships. We think it’s safe to say that if you see a dropship coming your way, you’re in deep, deep doo doo.

No Man's Sky is scheduled to release on PlayStation 4 and PC on August 9th, 2016.

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