Monster Hunter Stories will get three mix-and-match amiibo figures

Monster Hunter Stories, the latest spin-off based on Capcom's turn-based RPG series, will release on October 8 in Japan. A couple of months later, three amiibo will follow (via Eurogamer).

The three amiibo, to be released on December 8, consist of three characters riding monsters for a total of six figures. You'll be able to swap characters and monsters as you like to create your own duos.

The out-of-box combinations are Cheval riding a Rathian, Dan riding a Qurupeco, and Ayuria riding a Barioth. You can check out the figures below. (Images courtesy of Eurogamer.)

No western release date for Monster Hunter Stories has been announced. Until Capcom spills those beans, look forward to Monster Hunter Generations on July 15.

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