Pokemon Go is Going, Going Good, Not Great

Ever wanted to catch a Meowth while you're on the throne doing your business? True Life: I Caught Pokemon While Sitting On The Toilet.

Now that I've got your attention, I recently spent about a week or so with the Pokemon Go Field Test beta, and I've come back with part 1 of my thoughts. I didn't realize I'd have so many passionate opinions on the game when I first dove in, but as it turns out I've got a lot to say about it.

"After spending about a week with Pokemon Go, I'm convinced that's the truth. Despite some technical hang-ups (this is the field test, after all) and other curiosities, this is an extremely unique and beneficial way for Pokemon and Pokemon fans to interact with each other in a whole new space. And I'm confident with a little tweaking, it can be perfected to make a title that'll supplement the handheld titles nicely. But before I want to gush about the high points that made me excited to try the complete product when it finally rolls out, some discussion must be had about the lows, and unfortunately there are quite a few I'm concerned with."

Piquing your curiosity? You can head over to Modojo to read the rest, but I'll leave you with this little tidbit:

"By my house a Mark's Feed Store restaurant with a pig statue outside was given the name "Dirty South Oink," a pretty stupid name by all counts, with poor grammar and spelling in its description as if added by another player. We all know other players, especially those on mobile devices, shouldn't be the ones to decide what to name or how to describe these landmarks, so if that is the case I would hope there's a more official process in place to check and verify the names of landmarks and offer high-resolution photos instead of the terrible cell phone images some had attached to them, which really ruins the immersion factor."

Yeah, Dirty South Oink. Oh lord.

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