E3 2016: Sony announces new God of War

At the top of its conference this evening, Sony unveiled a new God of War for a new generation.

Neither sequel nor prequel to the existing canon, God of War circa 2016 reimagines the mythology of Kratos, one-time wrathful deity slayer.

Developed by Sony Santa Monica, God of War turns much of that established mythology upside down. Kratos is a father; action is displayed from an over-the-shoulder POV, and Norse rather than Greek mythology informs the game's flora and fauna. At the end of the demo, a dragon swoops over Kratos and his son, who kneel over an animal the boy hunted through the wilderness.

Don't worry: not every aspect of God of War is unfamiliar. In between showing breathtaking new vistas and Kratos's son's hesitation to deal a killing blow to his prey, father and son team up to slay a troll using brutal melee combat that should seem familiar to fans of the series.

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