E3 2016: id teases Quake Champions at Bethesda showcase

Riding high on a wave of glowing praise for its Doom reboot, id Software showed Quake Champions at Bethesda's E3 press event this evening.

According to id's Tim Willits. the game will be an arena-style multiplayer shooter, designed for high-end PCs. The game will be fast, Willits promised, with a planned unlocked framerate of 120 frames per second.

The game will have a diverse cast of characters, including one with a buzzsaw style weapon. The characters will each have their own abilities, although Willits didn't go into any details. And most importantly, at least for advance planning, the game is being designed from the ground up for competitive eSports.

In an interview with Morgan Webb after the whocase, Willits said the game is meant for eSports, but they want the game accessible to all. There will be champions that will fit individual play styles and they can grow with the player.

The announcement trailer had the characters Ranger, Vizor, Nick and Scalebear, some harkening back to the orginal game. Rocket jumping will be back, as well as strafe jumping. True quake fans will be able to do much of what they did in the original game.

Willits said they really wanted quick movement and customizable characters for the new game.

Not much else was revealed, but Willits said that everyone can expect more details at QuakeCon in August.

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