E3 2016: The Walking Dead Season 3 gets a new playable character

The Walking Dead continues to shamble its way into your soul with heartwrenching decision making with the reveal that Season 3 of the Telltale Games series will add a playable pal for Clementine named Javier.

In an interview with IGN, Telltale's Job Stauffer said Javier is as much a main character now as Clementine has been. "He's been through a lot and he is central to this story," he said. He is absolutely important to what's going on." Javier can be seen in the new gameplay trailer that Telltale revealed. 

Telltale's Laura Perusco added that the game is a continuation of the series, but with a new story.

The game is supposed to be released some time this fall. No other details were released, but we'll get them once the show begins. 

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