Report: Prey 2 website redirected; news at E3?

The saga of Prey 2 has been a long, drawn out, sometimes sordid affair, going from cancelled through Human Head Studios to maybe back in development through Arkane Studios in Austin. Now we get word that Internet sleuths have noticed that Prey domains are now redirecting to a blocked off Facebook pages.

Apparently, Zenimax redirected the sites to the Facebook pages three days ago, according to a tweet from NerdLeaks. And earlier this month, Prey 2 fan site Alien Noire reported that Prey 2 would be announced on the first day of E3, although the date did not match up to the Bethesda event on June 12. Kotaku is also reporting the game will probably be at E3.

While we don't know anything for certain - Bethesda and Zenimax are staying quiet - it would stand to reason that if Bethesda was indeed displeased with Human Head's work on the sequel that it would bring the game in-house to developer Arkane. Supposed internal emails from Arkane boss Raphael Colantonio discussed the game, and later how to deal with press if they called.

Rumor has suggested that a Prey 2 sequel through Arkane Austin could be a spiritual successor to System Shock 2, which could get a bit awkward given that System Shock 3 is currently in development with Warren Spector on the team of developer Otherside Entertainment.

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