Plague Inc. mutates into a board game with successful Kickstarter

Plague Inc. has been an interesting phenomenon to watch. It started as a popular mobile title from Ndemic Creations - headed by Shack Chatty user James Vaughan - mutated several times, then evolved into the PC and Xbox One space. We thought it was finally contained, but Vaughn has come up with a different Plague Inc strain: a board game.

Kickstarter for the project has already blown through its initial goal of $34,000 and is currently sitting at almost $164,000 with still more than 12 days left. The game is for 2-4 players (5 if you get the expansion at the second tier), and offers extra Plague and Event cards to early backers. The third and final tier for $62 gets you the Plague Enthusiast Pledge pack of A metal game box, poster, Plague Inc.: Evolved for PC, a soundtrack, and your best disease name added to the game. Because of the early success, the game has already unlocked several stretch goals and Vaughn is scrambling to add more.

"I really wanted the challenge of making a physical game to go alongside the video game - especially as board games are getting increasingly popular now," Vaughan told us. "The big scary question is how many of the 70 million players will be interested in Plague Inc: The Board Game!"

If everything goes according to plan, the game should be shipped in November to backers. Also, watch reddit today as Vaughan will be doing an AMA at 11 a.m. ET

If you want a feel for how the game will play, Vaughan created a demo video:

We'll keep following this to its conclusion. Good luck, jamiejme.

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