Watch Persona 5's trailer 4 with English subtitles here

Atlus announced Persona 5 was releasing in Japan on September 15. The announcement was met with a new trailer showing off the game, although non-Japanese speaking members of the audience were probably left scratching their heads as they at least were able appreciate the incredible visuals of the game. Thankfully, a fan has published a version of yesterday’s trailer with English subtitles so we can know what exactly is going on in Persona 5.

YouTube user Ryan Shrinefox completely subtitled yesterday’s Persona 5 trailer, allowing us to learn the main protagonist appears to have used the “other world” for his own personal gain. The protagonist and his band of thieves have become well known for their daring heists, which also appears to have taken a toll as living a double life can be quite difficult.

Be sure to check out the English-subtitled trailer below if you really want to know what exactly is going on in Persona 5.

Persona 5 is scheduled to release on September 15 in Japan, while an anime prologue is also currently in the works at A1-Pictures.

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