Paragon battles irresponsibly when GRIM.exe goes on the hunt next week

Epic Games has announced GRIM.exe is the next Hero that will soon be available in Paragon.

GRIM.exe is a sentry robot that’s controlled by a small, flying ranger who appears to power and command its bot through the use of a large wheel. The Hero uses a pulse cannon in order to deal damage to both minions and enemy Heroes, can use a shield to slow and knock back enemies, and can use his ultimate Gyro Targeted Force Orb that hones in on a target while passing through objects and non-Hero units.

GRIM.exe will be available for players taking part in the Paragon Early Access on Tuesday, May 10.

If you want to see GRIM.exe in action, check out the following announcement video that showcases just how powerful the sentry bot is, and how the ranger may not look like much, but it’s obvious it’s the brains behind the whole operation.

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