Sony adding two-factor authentication to PSN

After updating his PlayStation 3 to version 4.80, Tuomas Tonteri got a message alluding to two-step authentication and tweeted it out for the world to see. Sony never made an official comment about the security feature, so Polygon contacted Sony and got confirmation from a representative.

"In order to further safeguard our users and their accounts, we are preparing to offer a 2-step verification feature," the rep told Polygon.

PSN accounts are used across PS3, PS4, PS Vita, the PlayStation mobile app, and the PSN website. Expect two-factor authentication to cover all of those login points when Sony rolls it out.

Incidentally, Sony's confirmation of two-factor authentication comes on the five-year anniversary of one of the biggest PSN hacks in the network's lifetime. In April 2011, PSN was compromised in a way that exposed the personal information of many of its 77 million users (at the time of the hack).

Better late than never. It's worth mentioning that Microsoft's been on the ball for several years. In 2013, Microsoft added two-factor authentication to Xbox Live and other Microsoft accounts.

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