Will John Romero be working with Adrian Carmack again? Possibly

First we got word that John Romero was getting back into the PC shooter game. Then we found out that a mysterious fictional company was tied to the project as well. Now, a new video hints that Romero may be teaming up again with Doom and Quake co-creator Adrian Carmack to make it happen.

The video, which was released on Romero's YouTube channel, starts with the recognizable Star Wars music in the background. It then follows Carmack as he treks up a hill toward a cloaked figure staring off into the distance. Sound familiar? Yeah, and it gets better. I won't spoil it for you, but what Carmack hands him at the end is priceless. It's campy as hell, but funny and apropos at the same time.

Apparently, more details will be coming on Monday, April 25. Night Work Games, based in Galway, Ireland, where Romero now lives, will be handling development. The site is currently placeholder, with only a space to sign up for updates on the game. Once you sign up, you get a notification that the first newsletter will be sent out on Friday, April 29. 

Romero has also tweeted about the video now as well.

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