Hearthstone announces big changes are coming to classic cards

Blizzard Entertainment has announced it’ll be making some big changes to Hearthstone as the Year of the Kraken approaches, which will cause some cards from the classic set to be tweaked in order for them to not remain overly powerful within the standard format.

Before we get into what cards are being tweaked, the hardest hit class appears to be the Druid class core. The Ancient of Lore will now only allow players the option to draw a single card, instead of being able to draw two cards.

The Force of Nature will cost one mana less and will now only summon three 2/2 Treants that won’t be forced to die at the end of the round, although their Charge will no longer be available.

The last Druid class core card to be tweaked is the Keeper of the Grove, which will now have its stats changed from a 2/4 card down to a 2/2. The change was made in order to make the player use some more strategy when pulling out a Silence card.

Blizzard wanted to scale back silence and removal options, so the Ironbeak Owl will have its mana cost increased from 2 to 3, Big Game Hunter will now cost 5 mana to summon, Hunter’s Mark will now cost 1 mana, and Blade Fury will cost 4 mana and will now only cause damage to all enemy minions.

Lastly, Blizzard has tweaked some of the more popular neutral minions, starting with Knife Juggler, who will have its attack reduced to 2.Leper Gnome is next with yet another reduction in its attack value, from 2 to 1. Arcane Golem won’t have Charge, but it’ll gain two additional health points, making it a 4/4 card. Molten Giant will now cost a whopping 25 mana to summon as a way to make it a bit more difficult to summon. The last card to get tweaked is the Master of Disguise, which now only gives a friendly minion Stealth until your next turn.

These proposed changes will go into effect once Hearthstone’s patch 5.0 becomes available.

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