Dark Souls 3: Cemetery of Ash, Ludex Gundyr

The Cemetery of Ash if the first area that players will have to take on in Dark Souls 3. It works as the tutorial for the game, and features a fairly interesting boss fight at the end. This guide pinpoint all the locations of items in this area, as well as provide information on the enemies you’ll need to face if you want to get started on your journey to save Lothric.

The Cemetery of Ash

Upon awakening you’ll find yourself armed with only the items you were buried with, and a possible Burial Gift if you chose one. Go ahead and check out the controls, making sure you’re familiar with how to roll, attack, and block enemy attacks. Be mindful of the red lines on the ground in this area as they will offer instructions for how to complete attacks and movements that will be key to your survival in this dark and dangerous place.

The first enemy you’ll face, a simple Hollow, is just on the right up the road from your grave. Take him out, being careful not to let him deal any damage to you. Once he’s down continue down the small corridor he was near to find a Fading Soul. This will work as a form of currency for leveling up and purchasing items, so keep it in mind for later.

The next enemy might throw you off guard, as this Hollow is busy trying to trick you into letting your guard down. Never trust anything. Remember this. Go ahead and sneak up on the “harmless” enemy and take him down before he has a chance to fight back. Many enemies can be found in positions such as this, but any movement near them will cause them to wake up and attack, so be careful.

Loot the corpse leaning against the fountain to find the Ashen Estus Flask. This is a new form of Estus Flask that can be used to refill your Focus Points, which will come in handy for those of you who choose to practice miracles and magic. Now head right and take out the next enemy. We suggest practicing your sneaking skills by slowly walking up to him and then attack his back. This should trigger a backstab, which deals massive amounts of damage to enemies and throws them on the ground.

Move opposite of the fountain to find another Hollow, as well as an Archer Hollow. We suggest using your shield, if you have one, to close the distance and take the enemies out quickly. Pay attention to the archer, and never turn your back on him or you won’t see the arrows coming. Once they are dead you have two choices. Take the corridor to the right of the exit to find two more Hollows, as well as a Soul of an Unknown Traveler, which is guarded by a Giant Crystal Lizard.

This will be your first tough fight, but hold strong and pay attention to the Lizard’s movements and attack right after he finishes a swipe. Don’t get greedy, as attacking too many times can leave you winded and open to retaliation. Fight carefully and defeat the lizard to receive a Titanite Scale, as well as the item it was guarding.

After defeating the Giant Crystal Lizard, or ignoring that corridor altogether, go ahead and head up the path to find a wide vista as well as a curving path that leads up a hill to your very first Bonfire. Bonfires are one of the more precious things in the game. When lit they work as checkpoints, and you can regain your Health Points, Focus Points, and all Estus Flasks by resting at one. Beware though, resting at Bonfires will respawn all the enemies you have killed, except bosses. Light the Bonfire to receive the Rest Emote.

Now head down the path from the Bonfire and take out the Hollow nearby. There are two sitting Hollows to your right, so lure them up one by one. Once they are dead you have two paths to take. We suggest heading down the right path since it wraps around and under the ledge to a couple of enemies and a corpse hiding 5 Firebombs. These are extremely useful throwing items, and might come in handy in your upcoming fight. Take the Archer Hollow and Spear and Shield Hollow out to claim your prize.

After grabbing the Firebombs, or ignoring them, head back up the path to where you fought the first Hollow after lighting the Bonfire and turn to your right, continuing up the path to a red tooltip that instructs you how to jump. There’s a large tomb across from the ledge, which you can see holds a glowing white item, so get some space and practice your jumping. Successfully making it across will yield you a Titanite Shard, which will be really useful when you start infusing weapons.

Continue down to the next ledge to drop down onto an unsuspecting Hollow and then defeat the final Archer Hollow between you and an open courtyard. Time for your first boss fight, so make sure you have plenty of HP and Estus Flasks.

Boss Fight: Ludex Gundyr

Drops the Coiled Sword and 3,000 Souls.

Ludex Gundyr might be the first boss, but don’t let him fool you. He’s no pushover. To begin the fight you’ll need to head up and interact with him to pull the sword out of his chest. This will free him from his statue state and he will rise up and go on the offensive.

The first phase of the battle he uses a large halberd with a fairly wide attack range. The good news is you can go ahead and deal a fairly large amount of damage before he even gets started because he is vulnerable while activating. Get a few hits in before he stands up, and then roll away out of range.

There are two approaches to this battle. If you’re more familiar with the Dark Souls games you can try to parry his attacks. This will use your stamina, however it will also allow you to stay close to him and deal fairly good amounts of damage pretty quickly.

The second approach is to move away from him and wait for him to jump into the air and slam his halberd into the ground. At this point you can rush up to him, deal a few swings with your weapon, and roll away. If you choose to take this approach you can also press Y, or Triangle depending on your controller, and use your sword in a two-handed stance.

Once you’ve dealt around half of his health, Ludex Gundyr will transform and grow some added appendages. At this point he becomes much more dangerous, and his attack patterns change up a little bit. The good news is he is once again defenseless during his transformation, so take this opportunity to deal some extra damage to him unhindered.

Once he fully transforms you’ll need to stay on your toes and pay attention to his attacks. After he attacks with his giant hand he will perform a second attack, which you’ll need to dodge by rolling towards him. Hit him a couple of times using your light attack and then roll away, repeating this process until he goes down. Light the Bonfire that appears to replenish your HP and Estus Flasks.

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The Path Up to Firelink Shrine

Once Ludex Gundyr is defeat it is time to unlock Firelink Shrine. Head past the now open door and look to your left to spot a headstone with a Broken Straight Sword. If you head to the nearby ledge and look to the right you should also notice a small alcove up the path to the shrine. This path is to the left of the main path, and has two Hollow guards watching over it. Defeat them and grab the Homeward Bone beyond.

Now back on the main path you should notice a diverging point just past a large tree with two Hollows resting on the grass. Carefully pick the enemies off and then move past them to find the door to Firelink Shrine, and the lucky few that you can call allies in this dark and twisted world.

There are still areas to explore around this area. You can continue forward to Firelink Shrine , or return to our complete Dark Souls 3 walkthrough to learn more about unique items, collectibles, and more.