Donald Trump tweets fan-made Mass Effect ad to followers

Update: The video is no longer available due to a copyright claim from EA. Shacknews will update as more information becomes available.

Original Story: The U.S. presidential race has gone a bit off the rails lately. Donald Trump is known for his bombast, and a fan-made campaign ad invokes the Republican multimillionaire as Commander Shepard from Mass Effect.

Yes, you read that right. 

He tweeted this (via Kotaku) to his millions of followers earlier today. Of course, Trump's campaign didn't make the ad, as it is traced back to what could conceivably be a troll poking fun at Trump. But Trump used it, raising some interesting points. Since Mass Effect is EA property, it raises rights questions regarding the voiceover and music--not to mention that Martin Sheen's voice has just been used to endorse a candidate, whether he wanted to or not. We've reached out to EA to untangle the legal questions.

And just what is the Trump Effect? If Trump really identifies with Shepard, is he willing to take on an Asari lover? Would he save the Quarians or the Geth? Or is he more of an Illusive Man, advocating a "humans first" mantra? 

This really is comedy gold. We will update if we get a response rom EA.

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