Aliens: Colonial Marines mod 'fixes' the game for a better experience

Let's face it: Aliens: Colonial Marines was a poor game when it was released. The game needed a 4GB visual patch soon after launch, and then had to endure a lawsuit claiming false advertising, which publisher Sega acknowledged. All in all, not a good time for developer Gearbox Software.

But the game did sell more than 1.3 million copies . And now, a modder has released an update to the game that purportedly will allow it to play the way it was supposed to be played in the first place.

Over at Mod DB (via Eurogamer), TemplarGFX has released an ACM Overhaul that allows players to "experience Aliens: Colonial Marines how it should have been when it came out." The mod includes a massive list of changes, including a upgrade to Xenomorph AI, while lowering health to compensate for the better response. In addition, human weapons and AI, as well as a ton of visual enhancements. 

The videos make the game look and feel a lot more intense. It should be a great upgrade for those who are still interested in the two-year-old game.

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