Turok Is Stalking Its Way To Xbox One

If you've been hoping you could continue to grow your classic gaming library on your Xbox One, this is truly the month for you. Go ahead and rejoice now. That's alright, we'll wait.

Developer Night Dive, who you may remember from other remastered video game projects, is hard at work on bringing Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil to Xbox One.

The news comes courtesy of a fan on Twitter who reached out to the company to ask about Turok Evolution's existence as an HD port, to which Night Dive responded, as you can see below.

It doesn't look like a PlayStation version is in talks currently, but Night Dive is "evaluating other platforms," it seems. It looks like if you want a blast from the past, you're going to want to hold onto your Xbox One for the time being.

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