Call of Duty 2016 rumored to take place in space

While the next Battlefield game may be looking to the past for its setting, the Call of Duty series is reportedly looking to journey to infinity and beyond as this year’s game is expected to use space as its setting.

Infinity Ward is the studio currently working on this year’s Call of Duty title, which well-known industry insider Shinobi claims will be set in space. The game will reportedly take place in the “very far future”, will feature space combat and will take the series into the complete science fiction route.

What makes this report more credible is the fact Eurogamer finds this information to be consistent with what the publication has heard independently.

The last Call of Duty game Infinity Ward developed was Call of Duty: Ghosts back in November 2013. Since then, the franchise has embraced the Advanced Warfare setting, although a complete sci-fi title which takes place in space would certainly be something we’d be curious to see.

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