Gary the Gull and Xing: The Land Beyond Are Coming to PlayStation VR

As the various VR solutions get closer to their respective release dates, we're starting to get a peak at what's in store for the future of gaming. Details for the PlayStation VR are finally pouring out at GDC, and two titles announced are Gary the Gull and Xing: The Land Beyond.

In Gary the Gull, you'll meet a friendly Gull named Gary. Gary the Gull is more of an interactive movie, but you can talk to Gary as he tries to sneak into your cooler and steal your food. The objective is to keep your eyes on Gary though he'll try to distract you the best he can.

Xing: The Land Beyond is a go-at-your-own-pace puzzle-adventure game in which you'll use VR to interact with the environment and solve puzzles. Hope you didn't have any yard sales recently either, because the PlayStation Move is suddenly becoming useful again. In addition to PlayStation VR support, Xing can work with your PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move controllers to allow you more fidelity of 3D movement in the game.

While these both seem like charming titles, hopefully, we'll see some games soon that make the PlayStation VR a must-buy. For now, it's got a very "novelty" feel about it.

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