Rocket League on Xbox One will soon support cross-network play

Psyonix has confirmed Rocket League will be a major pioneer in video games as it will be the first to offer cross-network play between its Xbox One version and other platforms.

Rocket League players on Xbox One will soon be able to play matches against PC gamers, with “an open invitation for other networks to join later.” That means if all goes according to plan, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players could finally co-exist within a single game.

Cross-network play between the Xbox One and PC versions of Rocket League will begin later this Spring, with support for other platforms coming later.

While Rocket League may not be everyone’s ideal game to support cross-network play, this is still a momentous occasion as it shows console makers are feeling a bit more relaxed these days by allowing their users the ability to interact with other multiplayer networks. Hopefully this means we no longer have to decide which platform we want to play our games on, instead playing on the platform of our choice while also being able to interact with friends playing on their platform of choice.

This is a good day indeed.

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