The Walking Dead: Michonne will 'Give No Shelter' in two weeks

When Telltale described The Walking Dead: Michonne as a Telltale Miniseries, the implication was the it would run quickly. And it is certainly moving fast, as episode two already has a release date ready to go. This morning, Telltale announced that 'Give No Shelter' will hit all platforms on the week of March 29.

Episode two will see Michonne and Pete attempt to escape their captivity aboard the floating colony of Monroe, as Sam tags along in the wake of the events of the first episode's final minutes. Meanwhile, the ruthless leaders of Monroe are coming after them and it's up to Michonne to lead everyone to safety, even as she gradually loses her grasp on sanity and reality.

The Walking Dead: Michonne's second episode will hit PC, Mac, and PlayStation platforms on Tuesday, March 29, while the Xbox and mobile versions release on their normal schedules the rest of the week.

There's a video below recapping some of the big choices made over the course of the first episode, but beware. It's filled with spoilers, so only watch it if you've played through the 'In Too Deep.' Shacknews played through that first episode and it's off to somewhat of a slow start, so it'll be interesting to see if things pick up later in March.

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