Rocket League Championship Series will feature 3v3 esports season for $75,000

The past several years have played host to the rise of esports, with competitive video gaming rising up to prominence across the world. But many of the games at the center of that rise are often difficult for newcomers to grasp, what with their MOBA ruleset or their precision shooter strategies and such. Isn't there just a game where one team can put some sort of ball into a net? Why, there certainly is! Rocket League has shown potential for esports since its release back in July of last year and now developer Psyonix, in conjunction with Twitch, is looking to help usher in the era of Rocket League esports with the Rocket League Championship Series.

The Rocket League Championship Series will take place over the course of a three-month season, with teams of three motorists taking the pitch. Open qualifiers will take place starting this month, with teams competing to take home a piece of the $75,000 prize pool and the very first Rocket League championship title. Twitch will manage all RLCS operations, with all playoff tournaments broadcast exclusively on the Rocket League Twitch channel.

Those interested in signing up can find more information on the Rocket League Championship Series website. Matches will be conducted on both PlayStation 4 and PC platforms, but the door is potentially open for Xbox One, Mac, and Linux competitors in the future. For more on the RLCS, check out the video below.

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