Get Your Resident Evil On With This PlayStation Sale

Looking to bolster your Resident Evil game collection? An entire gaggle of Resident Evil titles are on sale right now on the PlayStation Store for some pretty fair prices.

Everyone probably already owns Resident Evil 4, but it's up for grabs for $6.99, as is the excellent Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, which is only $1.49. The abominable Resident Evil 6 is $6.99 too, when really it should be Capcom who is paying us to take it off their hands. It's awful.

But there's a whole lot of Resident Evil-themed goodness if you've got some money burning a hole in that PlayStation Wallet. My suggestion would be to at the very least play the PS1 games and go from there if you're a Resident Evil beginner. You can't go wrong there.

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