Disney Infinity 'Marvel Battlegrounds' Play Set detailed

Disney Infinity announced what's 'Next' for the toys-to-life game this morning. And there's plenty to get excited about, with Disney going into more detail on Marvel Battlegrounds.

Marvel Battlegrounds features a story where robotic doubles have stepped in for many of Marvel's mightiest heroes, a plot concocted by the team of Loki and Ultron. That leads into the introduction of the brawler/beat-'em-up style of gameplay into Disney Infinity. All of the game's Marvel figures will be compatible with this game mode, including all 2.0 Marvel figures and four new figures: the unmasked 'Civil War' Captain America, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and Vision.

Marvel Battlegrounds will feature eight arenas, spanning the Avengers facility to the Wakandan Mines and even to Knowhere, the outpost featured in "Guardians of the Galaxy."

No release date has been issued for the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set, but the launch trailer did debut and that can be found below.

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