Doom will deliver 1080p at 60fps on PS4 and Xbox One

When Doom releases this Spring, players across all platforms will be able to enjoy 1080p and 60fps gameplay. Yes -- that means Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

According to a new feature published by Bethesda focusing on multiple reasons to love Doom, lead project programmer Billy Khan discusses the game’s new idTech 6 engine. “We want players to wonder how DOOM and idTech 6 games can be so visually stunning at 60 frames-per-second at 1080p on all platforms, when other titles cannot even achieve a similar look at 30 frames-per-second,” he says in the post. “Our goal is to be the best-looking game at 1080p at 60fps.”

We already expected that kind of performance on PC considering it’s the only platform that supports 4K gaming, but to hear both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will be able to keep up with Doom’s pace to deliver 1080p at 60fps gameplay.

[Via Bethesda]

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