ARK: Survival Evolve holds its wood with a Giant Beaver

ARK: Survival Evolved has introduced a number of prehistoric dinosaurs and dinosaur-sized animals to its roster over the past few months, so what else could Studio Wildcard introduce to this survival game that could surprise its user base? How about a Giant Beaver?

The PC version of ARK is adding the Castoroides Feliconcisor, also known as the Giant Beaver. These gargantuan builders of the forest will function just as they do in real life, carrying large amounts of wood and building dams wherever they can. They can either act as builders or as ferries, since their massive size allows them to swim across waters with humans riding on top of them.

Today's update also introduces Handcuffs for those looking to sequester humans and keep them prisoner. If this sounds close to human slavery... well... just remember that it was a simpler time back then. Or think of it as a way to rein in unruly humans that try to steal your stuff.

Find the latest patch notes on the game's Steam forums, where Studio Wildcard also details another massive updates that's just days away. To learn more about the Giant Beaver, check out the video below.

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