The Walking Dead: Michonne cuts up walkers in first episode's launch trailer

There's a missing gap in Michonne's story in Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead, which is where the folks at Telltale Games are about to step in. This missing time in her journey is about to be filled in with The Walking Dead: Michonne, which is set to launch tomorrow. Today, Telltale released the first episode's launch trailer.

The trailer sets up the main conflict between Michonne and a group of ruthless survivors. However, it also sets up her internal struggle, as she continues to cope with the loss of her children. It also wouldn't be Michonne if there wasn't plenty of hand-to-hand combat and violence, so that's all in this trailer, too.

Check out the setup to Michonne's story in the trailer below. The Walking Dead: Michonne's first episode, 'In Too Deep,' arrives tomorrow on PC, Mac, PlayStation platforms, and Xbox platforms. Those waiting for the mobile version will have to wait until Thursday.

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