Doom dataminer leaks new enemies, weapons, demons, and more

Bethesda has been offering multiple chances for Doom fans to experience the upcoming shooter by way of Closed Alpha tests. The last test took place in December, and while we were only given access to a single multiplayer map and a small arsenal, dataminers have dug up some new information as what we can expect to be available when Doom releases in May.

(If you prefer to be surprised as to what kind of horrors await you in Doom, we suggest you turn back from this point. Otherwise, let the spoiler-piece theater begin!)

According to dataminers who published their findings on Doomworld, we can expect the Spider Mastermind and Arch-Vile to make their return in Doom, along with the already revealed zombies, Lost Souls, Hell Knights, Barons of Hell, Pinky Demons, and more. The Spider Mastermind has received a bit of an upgrade from the last time we saw it as it now has multiple laser attacks, crawling mines, and can use some form of telekinesis.

The dataminer also reveals a new, possibly playable, demon called The Prowler, the mention of both an Aqua and Hell Marine, and the ability for the player to interact with NPC players. This could point at possible survivors or maybe even teammates, which would certainly be a first for the Doom franchise.

Here are some more points of interest from the dataminer:

  • QUAKE gameplay references (Speed, movement, jumping, "boosts", etc)
  • Player CUSTOMIZATION (Armor, weapons and "Kill Cards"
  • Difficulty levels, named after the originals from DOOM/DOOM 2
  • Perk System
  • Developers comments
  • Power-ups: Berserk, Supercharge, Haste, Regeneration, Invulnerability
  • A new sub-class of zombies: The Unwilling
  • TAUNT files in the MP section of the game
  • Armor Customization: Helmet, arms, torso and legs
  • A new map: "The Polar Core"

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