Trackmania Turbo prepares to leave the pit stop for a March 2016 release

Ubisoft has announced Trackmania Turbo will be released on March 22, 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Trackmania Turbo is the latest installment in the TrackMania franchise developed by Nadaeo and features an easy-to-learn, yet difficult-to-master arcade racing universe. Racers will be able to participate in time attack races where players can set their own limits and challenges.

Players can build the tracks of their dreams by using the Trackbuilder tool. The tool can be used to build an infinite number of tracks to challenge their skills, although those without an eye for track creating can race across over 200 tracks across four different environments.

The four environments offer their own driving style, like Rollercoaster Lagoon, which is set in a tropical paradise where drivers can race through sunny beaches and magnetic rollecoasters. Fan-favorite International Stadium has returned, along with Canyon Grand Drift and Valley Down & Dirty, all of which have been reworked with updated visuals, gameplay, and car designs.

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