Super Smash Bros. completes its roster with Bayonetta and Corrin next week

Nintendo has been uploading a few new videos on its UK YouTube channel, but hidden in those videos are a few items of note. In particular, Super Smash Bros. has been quiet about an exact date for Corrin and Bayonetta's arrival into the game. That is, until now. A pair of new videos have been uploaded and they point to a February 4 release date.

The two video below show Bayonetta and Corin going one-on-one, each showing their respective new abilities. The second video also shows off the new Bayonetta-themed Umbra Tower stage.

While new videos are perfectly fine, once again, the big news piece is that a February 4 release date appears to be confirmed for the new characters, along with the final Mii Fighter costumes. While that is a UK release date, the timing should be similar, if not the exact same for North America.

Update: It's actually a day earlier, as confirmed by Nintendo of America itself:

To get an idea of what to expect, check out the videos below.

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