Insurgency developers release Day of Defeat-inspired mod 'Day of Infamy'

Insurgency has been something of a cult hit among shooter fans, mostly laying low with a small, but quite devoted community. The game has been out since 2013 and has had Steam Workshop support for a while. But over the weekend, developer New World Interactive offered perhaps one of the game's most enticing mods to date. Inspired by the classic Day of Defeat, the developer has unveiled Day of Infamy.

Day of Infamy takes users back to World War II and is meant to take players back to the age of close-quarters infantry combat. The mod is open-sourced, which will allow the community to contribute to it as they see fit. While the mod is playable in its current state, it appears to be in its infancy, with NWI hoping the community will bring life to it with new maps, factions, and other elements.

It should be noted that Day of Infamy is in its early stages, so expect to see a few bugs and unfinished assets. It is currently available on Steam Workshop, but anyone looking to get it will have to opt into the beta branch first.

To get an idea of what Day of Infamy looks like, here's a video from YouTube personality DiplexHeated, showing off the game's visuals and mechanics. (Warning: NSFW for language.)

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