CES 2016: Kingston announces new HyperX lineup, including CloudX Xbox One headset

CES 2016 is now in full blaze, and today we’ve got a roundup of the upcoming peripherals for Kingston’s HyperX gaming lineup. One of the biggest things on the bill is the upcoming release of the HyperX CloudX headset for Xbox One. This marks Kingston’s first big step into the console area, and is a huge step for the CloudX lineup, which has only been available to PC users up until now.

Another big thing featured in Kingston’s lineup is the high-performance PCIe Predator SSD series. These new SSDs are already available on the open market from sources like Newegg, and Amazon, and are reported to support speeds much greater than that of a SATA SSD.

You can view the full lineup below, as well as hear more information about these products, and when to expect them to be available for consumer purchase.

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