Pillars of Eternity documentary tells the story of Obsidian's return from the brink today

One of the most uplifting stories of the year has been watching Obsidian Entertainment's vision go from the brink of cancellation to Kickstarter pipe dream to full-blown throwback RPG success. Pillars of Eternity released earlier this year to great acclaim (including from ourselves here at Shacknews) and while the game's story isn't quite finished yet, the story of Obsidian's revival is nonetheless a fascinating one. Today, players can learn more about the whole saga surrounding Obsidian's struggles and Pillars of Eternity's development with a feature-length documentary called Road to Eternity.

Road to Eternity discusses the full development cycle for Pillars of Eternity, starting from the original project's cancellation that took Obsidian to the brink of bankruptcy. The story then moves towards the long-shot Kickstarter campaign and into the game's development and Obsidian's efforts to reward the faith that the gaming public had shown it.

The full documentary can be purchased on Vimeo for 99 cents today. For more, check out the trailer below.

The Road to Eternity from Obsidian Entertainment on Vimeo.

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