Hacker group threatens to take down Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on Christmas

A new hacker group has threatened to take down both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on Christmas and promise to keep them down for one week straight.

Phantom Squad made the threat via their Twitter account, which says the following:

The hacker group says it’s in no way associated with Lizard Squad, even though it appears to share similar targets with the now-defunct group. The Phantom Squad has targeted a variety of game servers, touting it took down the servers for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Grand Theft Auto 5, and even Reddit.

As far as why Phantom Squad attacks various online services, their response is simple: “Because cyber security does not exist.”

Whether or not Phantom Squad will be able to stay true to its promise of taking down both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on Christmas is yet to be seen. But considering it has supplied proof of its work on several occasions, we wouldn’t be surprised if both online services experience some kind of interruption come Christmas Day.

Last year, Lizard Squad took down both PlayStaion Network and Xbox Live on Christmas Day "for the lulz." Let's hope both Sony and Microsoft have beefed up their security this year to help combat Phantom Squad's threat to ruin yet another Christmas for gamers.

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