F.A.N.G. rounds out the Street Fighter V roster at PlayStation Experience

A year ago, Capcom revealed Street Fighter V to a captive PlayStation Experience audience. This year, the publisher returned to reveal the game's next character, an all-new character named F.A.N.G.

A gangly, sunglasses-donning warrior, F.A.N.G. could be seen using his wiry frame to his advantage. He's also billed as the second-in-command at Shadaloo, making him Bison's newest lieutenant. After the trailer reveal, Yoshinori Ono and Peter 'Combofiend' Rosas took the stage to confirm that this will be the final launch character before Street Fighter V releases in February.

The roster of post-launch characters has also been revealed. They are Alex, Ibuki, and Urien from Street Fighter III; Guile and Balrog from Street Fighter II; and Juri from Street Fighter IV.

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