Shovel Knight Amiibo will dig into North America in January

It hasn't been that long since Nintendo revealed that Shovel Knight will get his own Amiibo, making him the first indie gaming character to get his own figure. Since then, the question has been "When?" That question has now been answered, with Yacht Club offering a January release date to go along with a new trailer.

The trailer illustrates Shovel Knight's new co-op mode, which will be exclusive to the Wii U version of the game. Players can take it to enemies simultaneously, with a second player controlling a default green version of the title character, though this Shovel Knight's appearance can be customized to different colors. They can also bounce off of one another to get to higher areas. On top of this new co-op mode, a new Amiibo challenge mode will be made available, which will feature both single-player and co-op challenges.

The Shovel Knight Amiibo will hit the United Kingdom first. It'll release there next week on December 11. North American users will have to wait a little longer, as it'll release there on January 9. While those North American users wait, perhaps they can ponder the timing of this Amiibo release with a Smash Bros.-centric Nintendo Direct that's set to take place later this month. Hmmmm...

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