Payday 2 pays homage to Point Break with new DLC

Payday 2 revels in its heists, which Overkill Software has stated has largely been inspired by their favorite heist films. Among them is the 1991 Patrick Swayze film Point Break, which is getting a remake for some reason. But while the remake is some time away, the original film is getting a special homage through Payday 2's newest DLC offering.

The Point Break Heists DLC sees a cyberwarfare hacker named Vernon Locke tasked with taking down Crime.net. Of course, it wouldn't be Payday if the guy wasn't crooked, so he's basically extorting Bain and crew to pull some jobs for him, otherwise Crime.net gets taken off the board. This leads to a pair of new heists: Beneath the Mountain, set in an Air Force bunker; and Birth of Sky, which sees the crew attempting to pull a heist aboard a plane in mid-flight.

To pay homage to Point Break, composer Simon Viklund will contribute two new heist themes and four menu themes from the flim's soundtrack. Four new masks, patterns, and materials are also inspired by the film. To get a look at how Payday 2 plans to pay homage to this movie classic, check out the videos below and visit the Overkill website. The Point Break Heists DLC is now on Steam for $6.99.

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