New Mighty No. 9 gameplay trailer highlights its multiple game modes

Deep Silver has released a new trailer for Mighty No. 9 that highlights all of the different game modes players can expect in the title when it launches on February 9.

The “Bring It” trailer shows off Mighty No. 9’s Boss Rush, Challenge Mode, One-Hit Death Maniac Mode, and online Co-op challenges. All of which have been implemented in order to make the game fun, challenging, fun, replayable, and, of course, fun. The new trailer also shows off a montage of various in-game visuals, which all look exactly as you’d expect Mighty No. 9 to look.

After being delayed over and over and over again, we certainly hope Might No. 9 ends up being a fun experience when it’s released in February. It would be a shame if all of these delays ended with a sub-par game, which we always hate to see around here.

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