Star Wars Battlefront 'Battle of Jakku' DLC's new game mode detailed

Since it was first revealed back in April, the plan was always for EA and DICE to release the Battle of Jakku weeks after Star Wars Battlefront's release as free DLC. The reasoning made sense, since the idea was to offer this content up closer to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Today, however, they're revealing that there's more to December 1 than simply adding a new map.

The Battle of Jakku will also include a new Turning Point game mode. This 20v20 scenario is meant to illustrate the crucial point in time where the Rebel Alliance clashed with the remnants of the Empire, following the fall of the second Death Star. The idea is for the Rebels to seek out and capture any one of three Imperial capture points. Successfully taking a point will add time to the clock and open up more points for the Rebels to capture, leading all the way up to the Empire's base. Rebels can be aided by airspeeders, while the Imperials will have access to AT-ST walkers.

"A Turning Point match will often be very exciting since the outcome is never sure," reads the post on the Star Wars Battlefront website. "There are also a lot of tactical possibilities that need to be considered. For instance: once the Rebels have started taking over a control point, it can’t be reclaimed by the Empire. Let’s say there’s only 25% left of the claim process and the Empire has managed to drive away the Rebels. This means that the Empire have to choose between defending this vulnerable point or another part of the map. The Rebels in turn need to decide where their next attack should be."

The Battle of Jakku arrives next week and will be free to all Star Wars Battlefront owners.

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