Team Fortress 2 Saxxy Award winner takes the classes up in the air

Let's hit the lighter side of gaming news to end today. Valve has named the winner of this year's Saxxy Awards, celebrating the best in Team Fortress 2 machinima.

The winner was a collaborative effort from among TF2's more creative fanbase. Dunkle was the person behind this year's Overall Winner, along with Salade au Thon, Sir Delak, MechaFourth, Jeffrey Brice Music, Musetrigger, Overpovered, Hunternif, SedimentarySocks, and a few other Steam Workshop helpers. The winning video is called Turbulence, which tells a tale of dozens of Team Fortress 2 classes all aboard their own plane. Soon enough, Scout Airlines finds itself running afoul of other commuter jets flown by the Soldier, Heavy, and Spy.

The result is delightful hilarity, so be sure to check it out below. The full list of winners can be found on the Source Filmmaker website.

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