Warcraft movie trailer teaser offers 15 seconds of Alliance and Horde battling

It’s been several years since we learned there would be a Warcraft film, and along the way, we learned Duncan Jones would be the film’s co-writer and director and we spotted Orgrim Doomhammer earlier this year. The film’s first official trailer will be released this Friday, but today, a teaser to that trailer has been released.

The teaser trailer is only 15 seconds long, but it’s full of action and imagery Warcraft fans would be quite familiar with. The teaser offers glimpses of both the Horde and Alliance preparing for battle, with flashes of an epic-looking fight scene taking place in the later portion of the teaser. We even get to see what looks like the infamous Boomstick being fired towards the end of the teaser.

The Warcraft film is expected to release in summer 2016. Be sure to check back on Friday to check out its first official trailer.

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