Rovio will cut a third of its workforce, resulting in angry employees

Rovio has announced it will be cutting 213 jobs with the majority of them occurring in its Finland-based office.

The company will restructure after losing a little over a third of its workforce to concentrate its activities around three primary business areas: games, media, and consumer products. Rovio will cut jobs across its entire organization, except for those who are currently working on the production of The Angry Birds Movie.

Rovio previously announced its possible job cuts back in August, which the company, at the time, announced it planned to terminate up to 260 employees. While seeing a reduction of job cuts could be seen as a positive, over 200 job cuts is still devastating, especially when it makes up a third of your complete workforce.

With Rovio now focusing on the three pillars that made it so popular to begin with, hopefully the studio can continue to produce great games with outstanding production quality, while also selling tons of Angry Birds-related merchandise.

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