H1Z1 adds its first female zombie in its latest update

Daybreak Games' zombie apocalypse simulator H1Z1 is celebrating the addition of its first female zombie as well as Kurama Medical, a medical facility that players will be able to explore at their leisure in the latest update.

Twitch streamer LegendaryLea was recruited to voice the female zombie, which you can view her performance below.

More importantly from a gameplay perspective, Kurama Medical will feature medicine, supplies, and important information for players to utilize when piecing the lore together from H1Z1 to try and figure out what happened to Kurama as well as those who happened to be trapped inside. 

To aid in the exploration of said facility, and potentially to get your tail away from the female zombies, there will now be ATVs available to cruise around on, in addition to the Item Exchange System to bundle items together and the Mercenary Crate, which will offer new ghillie suits and additional skins.

All of these additions are available now. Get out there and get to surviving!

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