StoryBundle Video Game Bundle 7.0 includes 'Stay Awhile and Listen' (Plus, a Shack Giveaway)

Today has been a pretty good day for the Shacknews community. Beyond poster eonix and his colleagues releasing their first trailer for Astroneer, we have author and regular poster David Craddock, who is still riding high after the recent release of his most recent tome, "Dungeon Hacks." But before that, he wrote a detailed history of Blizzard North called "Stay Awhile and Listen," a book that was covered at length here at Shacknews. Those looking to catch up with that book now have their chance to do so, courtesy of a new bundle from the folks at StoryBundle.

StoryBundle has offered up The Video Game Bundle 7.0, which features a number of books centered around video game culture and history. Authors include acclaimed writers like USgamer's Jeremy Parish, Offworld's Leigh Alexander, and of course, our own Mr. Craddock. So pay what you want for "Boss Fight Books: Baldur's Gate II" by Matt Bell, "Shooter" by Patrick Lindsey and Reid McCarter, "Video War" by Stephen Manes, and "Stay Awhile and Listen" by David Craddock. Pay $12 or more to also get "Game Boy World 1989" by Jeremy Parish, "HG101 Presents: The Unofficial Guide to Konami Shooter" by Kurt Kalata, "Boss Fight Books: Metal Gear Solid" by Ashly and Anthony Burch, and "Mona" by Leigh Alexander and Emily Carroll as both an e-Book and audiobook.

StoryBundle books are delivered across all supported devices, including eReaders and smartphones. Users split their proceeds between StoryBundle and the authors, but can also opt to give 10 percent of their money to charity.

As a bonus, Shacknews is giving away five copies of "Dungeon Hacks," courtesy of Mr. Craddock, as well as three copies of the StoryBundle collection. To enter this giveaway, simply join the conversation and leave a comment in this thread about your favorite video game-related book. We will draw winners at the end of the day today, Wednesday, October 7.

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