Logitech G410 is the G910 Orion Spark in a much smaller frame

Logitech has announced a new RGB mechanical keyboard that appears to be a number-pad-less version of the Logitech G910 Orion Spark.

The Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features the company’s exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches, which was first introduced in the G910, as well as intelligent RGB illumination. Users can customize the keyboard from a palette of 16.8 million colors when used with the Logitech Gaming Software.

The keyboard was built for both portability and flexibility as you should be able to throw it into your backpack for LAN events, tournaments, or if you’re heading over to a friend’s house. The keyboard only has the vital keys needed for gaming and has been designed to comply with pro-gaming tournament regulations.

The Logitech G410 also comes with the Logitech G Arx Control dock. The dock supports most iOS and Android devices and provides easy access to the Logitech G Arx app, which display a wide variety of in-game information on your mobile device.

The Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is expected to be released in October 2015 for $129.99. Logitech has also released a video giving an overview of the keyboard, which you can view for yourself below.

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