Blade & Soul spotlights Blade Master class this week

While NCSoft is no stranger to the MMORPG genre, the publisher is actively seeking to make Blade & Soul stand apart from its contemporaries. That much has been clear since Shacknews first laid eyes on the martial arts adventure earlier this year. To further show off Blade & Soul's action-based gameplay and eastern aesthetic, the next few weeks will be focused on going in-depth with the game's classes, starting with the Blade Master.

The Blade Master is arguably the first class that will come to mind for Blade & Soul players, as they're well-rounded warriors that can switch stances at any time for added versatility. Those that master the Blade Master class should be able to hold their own in just about any area of the game. Now NCSoft is revealing a little more about the Blade Master.

While it is true that the Blade Master will switch between Basic Stance and Draw Stance, the class' main focus is on dealing Fire and Lightning damage. Therefore, damage can be amplified when inventory is bolstered by element-boosting items. As one might imagine, the Blade Master is a major threat on the field, meaning his role in parties can often involve doing the heavy lifting in battle or simply acting as a diversion.

Today's Class Week overview post offers up a slew of suggested combos when out in the field. This mixes up many of the basic attacks and even offers one that starts with a Block, so that players can take an opponent's strike and quickly turn the tables on them. For PvP players, there's a massive 15-hit combo laid out for them to practice, mixing up moves from various tiers, to cause major pain to any poor user that dare approach.

Those looking to get a glimpse of how Blade & Soul plays won't have to wait much longer. The closed beta is scheduled to hit PC on October 30. To get a better look at the Blade Master, check out the video below and check out the Blade & Soul Twitch stream dedicated to this class. It'll take place this Thursday at 4PM PT.

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