Shovel Knight story must be finished to unlock 'Plague of Shadows' unless this code is used first

For those that haven't been following the latest in shoveling news, Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows is in line to release later today. Yacht Club Games is preparing for the imminent drop, adding that some extra surprises are in store, but also offering up an important reminder. To access the new expansion campaign, players will have need to have beaten the original Shovel Knight campaign first.

Well, players will technically need to complete the first Shovel Knight campaign. This is Yacht Club Games, the studio that embraces the old-school, so of course, there's a code to access the campaign immediately.

As noted above, simply hold the Attack button and punch in Up, Up, Right, Down, Left, Left, and release the Attack button on the title screen to access the new Plague Knight Story. Yacht Club has also issued the following Tweet, noting that the expansion's arrival is imminent and is set to arrive on all platforms. However, it should be noted that Yacht Club is advising 3DS users to update via the home menu or eShop, with this blog post explaining more.

Update: The expansion is ready! Unleash the plague!

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