Final Fantasy 7 comes to iOS tonight

As Final Fantasy fans continue to wait on news of Final Fantasy VII's inevitable remake, Square Enix has been looking at a new way to enjoy this RPG classic. The company was looking to bring the game to mobile devices, prevoiusly stating that it would take years to get it there. And by "years," of course, they meant "less than two," because it's actually coming to iOS later today. (Of course, to be fair, phones are a lot bigger, space-wise, than they were when that statement was originally taken.)

IGN noticed the iOS launch trailer hit YouTube earlier today. However, the link to the iTunes listing on the trailer's YouTube page is not live at the moment. As the folks at Touch Arcade have pointed out, the game is currently live in New Zealand, however, the U.S. App Store is set to receive it later tonight at 8PM PT.

There's still a PS4 version of the original Final Fantasy VII still lined up for this holiday season, but those looking to get the game on iOS sooner can pick it up tonight from the App Store.

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