Destiny's Xur is Selling a Gjallarhorn This week

If you’ve been scouring raids, and Nightfalls, and PVP hoping beyond all hope for the ‘best weapon’ in Destiny to drop, wait no more. Xur, the Agent of Nine, who shows up every week within the Tower or Reef, is carrying such a weapon. The Gjallarhorn. A massive rocket launcher, which has been deemed by many players to be the greatest weapon in all of Destiny, the Gjallarhorn is just 17 Strange Coins away from sitting in your inventory.

First you’re going to need Strange Coins. You can earn these little trinkets by playing through Strike Playlists and hoping, as well as by completing the Weekly Heroic Strike on as many characters as you have at Level 32.

Where to find Xur: Head into the Tower, and make a right, heading through the connecting area that leads to the Shipwright and Dead Orbit vendors. Now continue down the steps in the far back and into the pub on the lowest level of the Tower. Here you’ll find Xur holed up in the back corner, presumably waiting for a drink.

Other items for sell this week include: An Insurmountable Skullfort, Achlyophage Symbiote, Light Beyond Nemesis, and Exotic Glove Engrams which can each be bought for Strange Coins or Motes of Light.

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