Hellblade B-Roll trailer shows just how fragile Senua's mind is

B-roll footage of Ninja Theory’s Hellblade made its way online from last week’s Gamescom, and today, the developer officially released the game’s early in-development gameplay footage.

We already knew Hellblade would tackle the sensitive topic of mental illness, and as we can see from the B-roll footage, Senua suffers from some serious issues. Players will witness her psychosis, hallucinations, and delusions first hand as we can hear random voices in her head, see images that aren’t really there, and even get attacked by her hallucinations that cause her physical pain.

The B-Roll footage also shows off Hellblade’s combat system, which feels more personal than combat systems in previous Ninja Theory titles. We can see Senua combat her enemies with a mix of attacks, dodges, and parries. When she is knocked down, she can attempt to get herself back up by parrying an enemy’s incoming attacks.

Hellblade will release on the PlayStation 4 in 2016 with a PC release shortly after.

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